Top 5 Delicious Dishes

Our Top 5 Delicious Dishes
26th November 2018 the courtyard

Here at the Courtyard, we pride ourselves on our absolutely scrumptious menu, that is always fresh, locally sourced and made to perfection. We offer a delightful range of meals; whether you are looking for a lighter lunch or something a tad more indulgent, we certainly have something to tempt you. Today’s post will reveal our Top 5 tasty picks from our menu! Whether you have never visited us before, or are one of our lovely regular customers, this post will show the highlights of our British menu and provide your with some #foodinspo.
So without further a do, here are our Top 5 Delicious Dishes:

1.) Our Sirloin Ciabatta
Pan fried Sirloin steak ( cooked to perfection by our Chef) served in a toasted ciabatta with red onion caramelised marmalade, and our divine chunky chips. This is the perfect meal for all you carnivores, as the combination of flavours makes for a mouth-watering meal, that will keep you full for the whole day.

2.) Our Crayfish and Watercress Salad
If you are looking for a lighter lunch, this is a wonderful option for you! Crayfish, Watercress, Avocado, Lettuce, Tomato and Beetroot are artistically presented to give you the perfect healthy lunch, packed with vitamins to give you that nutritious glow.

3.) Our Welsh Rarebit
A lot of regulars favour this dish, as it is so much more than your average Welsh rarebit! We use Tatton Ale and mustard to flavour our rarebit, that really give it a kick. Have it served simply with on the vine roasted tomatoes, or add a poached egg and smoky bacon for a truly scrumptious meal.

4.) Our Smoked Haddock Florentine
Creamy mashed potato, wilted spinach, fresh Haddock, a soft poached egg stacked beautifully, and dripping in our Hollandaise sauce; this is a culinary experience like no other, and is absolutely delectable. These ingredients are not always paired together, but in this combination it makes for a gorgeous meal.

5.) Our Special
Each day we have a special that is something our talented Chef has been inspired to make using fresh produce! We really recommend trying our Specials out, as they are always wholesome, locally-sourced and exquisite.

So there is our Top 5 picks! The list of our delicious dishes could go on for quite sometime, but those mentioned are our favourites. We hope that you come to visit and give them a whirl, but we won’t judge you if you stick to your own personal favourite ( we are all creatures of habit, after all!). Let us know what your favourite is!