Getting Ready for Spring


Our New Tables

One of our new outdoor tables in preparation for the spring re-opening, fingers crossed! I’m sure we are all looking forward to life getting back to something, at least vaguely resembling normality? We are certainly missing all of our customers and the general summer-time throng and hubbub in the courtyard.

It is still a little difficult to give a precise date for our full re-opening but we are hoping that this may begin some time toward the end of March with a return to alfresco dinning in our courtyard area.

The courtyard is generally being spruced up to make it all as pleasant as usual with lots of new planting. By the way, these new table sets are very comfortable and lot more solid and stable that our ageing metal tables and chairs.

We look forward to seeing you all again, eventually, and hope all have been keeping as well as possible.

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