Courtyard Curiosities


Are you looking forward to spring, warmer weather and the opportunity to enjoy a relaxing alfresco breakfast, lunch, or just a quick coffee in our lovely courtyard. I wonder what will be on the barrow this year? A selection of fresh herbs or some home grown fruit and veg perhaps?

The Barrow

The old Costermongers barrow has been a feature of our lovely courtyard for several years now. We don’t know how old the barrow is, but it is typical of a design that was common in Victorian times. Such barrows were typical at Spitlefields in London where young men ran around with these very heavy contraptions loaded to the hilt with spuds and other items. Though the Spitlefields barrows were usually painted green with red wheels.

Many of our visitors find the variety of curiosities both inside, and out, to be a charming and intriguing aspect of the cafe.

You may like to visit our museum to see our collection of penny farthings

Thanks to Oliver Wood for the picture of the barrow above. You can see more of his work here Oliver Wood Photography

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