Why You Should Visit The Courtyard Café For Breakfast In Knutsford

Why You Should Visit The Courtyard Café For Breakfast In Knutsford
8th October 2018 Rob Carrington

Why You Should Visit The Courtyard Café For Breakfast In Knutsford

We all know that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. At The Courtyard Café In Knutsford, we certainly think so. What’s more, we believe breakfast should be a treat to enjoy for the whole day. While we stop some of our breakfast items at 11 am, many of our breakfast favourites can be enjoyed all day long including our famous traditional full english. While that should be enough to tempt you, here are our top reasons for why you should visit The Courtyard Café for breakfast in Knutsford.

Top reasons  Why You Should Visit The Courtyard Café For Breakfast In Knutsford

If you have a big day ahead, then you need energy. Our wholesome and hearty breakfasts will give your body the kick-start it needs for whatever is in store. Whether it was a late night or you have a long day ahead, our breakfast in Knutsford is guaranteed to give you the energy boost you need to get the day started on the best possible note.


Our poached eggs are not only cooked to perfection and  delicious, but they are also a great source of protein. Our poached eggs on toast, Eggs Benedict, Royale and Florentine will provide you with protein that can help to kick-start your metabolism. Protein also helps to keep you fuller for longer, so you’ll make it to lunch without mid-morning cravings. However, our cakes are a pretty irresistible mid-morning snack! If you are looking to treat yourself

1.      Vitamins

Choosing whole grain bread for your breakfast, whether it is the toast in The Courtyard Breakfast, or eggs on toast, will provide you with vitamins. Whole grains are rich in B vitamins, niacin, riboflavin and thiamine all of which can help to give you energy and alertness.

2.      The best breakfast in Knutsford?

We’re grateful for all the feedback we get from TripAdvisor reviews to google  and other review sites  as it helps to keep improving our service and know what our customers love. Our breakfasts seem to be a firm favourite with customers. We’ve received many comments about The Courtyard Café offering the best breakfast in Knutsford. Some of our lovely customers even think we offer the best breakfast in Cheshire. Why not visit us and find out for yourself?

3.      Something for everyone

We love breakfast. Big breakfast, small breakfast, vegetarian breakfast, special occasion breakfast, all day breakfast… the list is endless! We know our customers love breakfast as much as we do, which is why many of our breakfast items are available all day. Plus, we make sure there is breakfast for everyone, from kids to grown-ups we have a breakfast to suit you. From a quick hot buttered teacake spread with preserve to the whole cooked  Courtyard Breakfast, we know they’ll be something to tempt your appetite.

Furthermore, we cater for a range of dietary requirements with gluten-free options and gluten-free bread available as well as plenty of choice for vegetarians.

Enjoy Breakfast in Knutsford

Visit The Courtyard Café just off King Street in Knutsford and see the benefits of our breakfast for yourself!